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Examinations Council of Lesotho

The Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) is a non-profit organization which is responsible for conducting school-level assessments on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET). It conducts End-of-Level Assessments at specified points in the education system, for example, Grade4 and Grade7. ECoL further carries out public examinations at the end of Junior Secondary, Form C (Junior Certificate Examination) and at the end of Senior Secondary, Form E (O’ Level/LGCSE). The O’ Level curriculum and examinations are accredited by Cambridge International Assessment.


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The Candidate

FOREWORD BY THE CEO, "I am very happy to present the first issue of The Candidate in 2022. This comes at the time when the organisation is implementing its strategy covering the next 5 years. "...

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ECoL welcomes new CEO

The Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) presents the new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mokhitli Peter Khoabane who took the reins on 01/08/2020. He has been serving the organisation for a long time in various positions,...

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The Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Examinations

The Advanced Subsidiary Examinations are currently under way in the three schools offering the AS curriculum, namely; Lesotho High SChool, Lesotho-China Fellowship Colegiate and Soofia...

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2022 LGCSE/IGCSE Examinations

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