Continuous Assessment


The Curriculum and Assessment Policy of 2009 sets out a vision for education in Lesotho, where assessment and curriculum are closely integrated and mutually supportive. As a step toward achieving this goal, continuous assessment (CASS), is going to be introduced as a key strategy. By looking at the models from many countries and the research evidence, it has been decided to follow a programme of continuous assessment specifically designed for Lesotho.

In education, assessment is not just about testing; it refers to anything aimed at collecting information about what learners know, can do, their progress and their strengths and weaknesses. It is a vital part of education and is not just about reporting learning but encouraging and supporting learning.

As CASS must link both curriculum and assessment, it must meet the requirements of both. CASS must be valid and reliable in terms of education and assessment. It is designed to empower teachers to improve learning by giving them the tools, strategies and support needed to be effective facilitators and agents of change... [Read More]