Conversion of foreign results

Evaluation of foreign results (senior certificates of other countries ONLY) is done at a charge of M200.00 per evaluation. Most local institutions would request an evaluation of foreign results for them to interpret them correctly.

Change of names on the certificates

ECoL does not change names on the certificate. Certificates are the last document given to candidate as a proof of his/ her performance. Names printed on certificates are retrieved from individuals examinations registration. This means that if during registration, your names had been mis-spelt, then you will have to ensure that you submit corrections to ECoL before certificates could be printed. In case you have changed your names, e.g. after marriage for ladies, your marriage certificate will have to accompany your certificates because ECoL will not change any names on certificates

Date of applying for remarks

ECoL has numerous quality checks and controls in ensuring that all candidates are marked fairly and without any prejudice. However in the case a candidate requires a remark of his/ her results, applications for remark for PSLE, JC and COSC is open once the respective results have been published. Application period is one month after the publication of the results in question for all the three examinations.

Issue on lost certificates

Candidates must safe keep all their important documents. Certificates are issued once to the candidate. If there is a need to issue out another proof of performance document, a certifying statement will be issued out at a cost that will be determined by ECoL. This document will have similar or even more security feature to that of an original certificate.

When do supplementary examinations normally begin?

Supplementary examinations refer to May/ June examinations. Normally in this session, examinations start at around first week of May and end on the second week of June.

Deadline for June supplementary examination’s registration

Registration for COSC supplementary is February end. No late registration is accepted. London IGCSE deadline for registration for May/ June examinations is 20 March.

Deadline for November examination’s registration

LGCSE registration deadline for October/ November is April end. Junior Certificate registration for October/ November examinations is end of May.

Verification of results

This service is available for universities, colleges, employers to ensure that prospective students have authentic and legitimate certificates. Currently this is charged at M120.00 per verification.