LGCSE-Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education

This is an examination written at the end of Senior Secondary. It is based on IGCSE model and it is accredited by Cambridge International Examinations.

Subjects classified into five disciplines;

  • Languages
  • Social sciences
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Creative, Technical and Vocational

NB: It is compulsory for SCHOOL CANDIDATES to take a minimum of six subjects.

Subject combinations for fulfilment of Certification

Student must sit for at least six subjects to be eligible for full certification Compulsory subjects

  • English Language (LGCSE)
  • Sesotho (O LEVEL)
  • Mathematics (LGCSE)

At least one subject from the social sciences category which comprises of the following syllabus

  • Literature in English (O LEVEL)
  • Religious Studies (O LEVEL)
  • History (LGCSE)
  • Geography (LGCSE)
  • Development studies (LGCSE)
  • Economics (O LEVEL)

At least one subject from Science category

  • Physical Science (LGCSE)
  • Biology (O LEVEL)

At least one subject from Creative, Technical and Vocational

  • Agriculture (O LEVEL)
  • Design and Technology (O LEVEL)
  • Fashion and Fabrics (O LEVEL)
  • Food and Nutrition (O LEVEL)
  • Computer Studies (O LEVEL)
  • Commerce (O LEVEL)
  • Principles of accounts (O LEVEL)

Additional syllabuses can be chosen from any discipline.